To Definitex… and beyond!

3 min readJan 31, 2021
“Archival photo taken underneath DFX HQ on January 4th 2021.”

Welcome back kids.
Well I’ve have had what can only be described as an extended “Christmas break”, (ED: or as they call it in the industry - AWOL.) but rest assured it wasn’t all mistletoe and wine for your favorite rag-tag band of crypto developers.

After the great success of the “YouStakeItWeBurnIt” promotion, 7.84 per cent of the (ED: then) circulating supply was locked up during the qualifying period, and thus we set about making good on our promise.

It was a particularly cold January 4th, when we gathered at DFX HQ, huddled around the light of a laptop screen, the vague image of a Metamask transaction fee flickers in our cold dead eyes.
With just a few keystrokes, the burn is complete; 27,542 DFX sent into the Ether, subsequently charged ETH to do it, and all we got was this weird TXN HASH as a receipt.

It is confusing times we live in.
Yes, the actual burning of a token, is certainly less dramatic then both the illustration above and the dynamic rendering in the previous paragraph, yet at the same time…

“…some bad mental math puts the ‘cost’ of the token burn — at DFX’s ATH — an eye watering $100,000, and well, if that’s not one hell of a way to start your January…”

“Baggage weight requirements


Anyway, on to business.
Though government sanctioned lockdown across the world, have been bad for the hospitality and retail sectors, as well as any general fans of Vitamin D, it has been the excuse every crypto enthusiast has been looking for to stay in front of a computer screen all day, cursing and celebrating green and red candles patterns.
Headed up by the mythical “Iron Mike” Taylor, the developer team have been hard at work throughout the festive season and beyond, and thus have finally been able to provide a window for our much anticipated mobile app.
It’s full functionality; detailed in it’s entirety, is in the Litepaper, but the BETA app launch signifies the first steps towards building the singular De-Fi experience we set out to achieve.

To celebrate the #Countdown2Launch we have 1 ETH and 1000 DFX to get rid of to meet baggage weight requirements… and seeming as we’re in flight mode we thought it apt to go old school airdrop on you too.

Perform all (ED: or as many as you can.) of the tasks below during the #Countdown2Launch:

  • Join and Invite people to our Telegram group
  • Follow, Like, Retweet all of our “Countdown2Launch” tweets
  • Follow, Clap our Medium
  • Buy, Hold and Stake DFX token

We’ll have the “small print” (ED: details of prizes, qualifying specifics…etc.) in the next article, but for now, get the word out we’re 9 days till launch.

Next stop: Moon.




DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!