Throw dem balls…

2 min readApr 22, 2021
“I know now why you sell, but it is something I can never do.”

So as the bull market bucks and kicks wildly, Mike and the rest of the team have been working behind the scenes on the next steps in Phase Two in the ‘Definitex Cinematic Universe’.

As the team waited patiently on news on the Google marketplace launch, things have been quietly busy around DFX HQ; with the rest of the dev team spread thin on various aspects of the project. (ED: Did anyone say DefiniDEX?)

Mike arose from his dwellings early Thursday morning; and like a scene from the end of Terminator 2, gave a heartfelt thumbs up on the status of the Google Marketplace launch before disappearing back into the firey pit from which he came.

With a reluctant sigh and the whirring sound of a PC coming out of standby mode, the PR Guy’s face lit up with the familiar blue hue, and the sound of tapping fingers on a keyboard echoes around the office.

“So this is what the PR Guy gets paid for MEMEs and hashtags.”


The delay in the app launch was frustrating, but the delay didn’t mean we were going to miss the other stops on our Roadmap, with the next public milestone tagged only as a mysterious “special announcement”.
We wanted to continue to enrich and evolve the DFX ecosystem, rewarding token holders, participants and investors, and further exploring the tokens deflationary model prior to it’s ultimate function in the final version of the app. (ED: See our Litepaper)

“It could be you…”

The DFX Lottery was the answer.
A weekly lottery, with the first to begin Sunday 1st May, (ED: Get over to our Telegram and stay up to date on the time.)
where 2/3 of the prize fund will go to the winners, and the remainder will be burnt forever.

So in effect, everybody wins… as the already tiny supply (ED: in relation to some of our market brethren) will continue to get smaller, every week, with greater participation resulting in a bigger prize fund and thus a larger burn.
For the first few we’re going to be jacking up the prize fund, with a ticket costing 10 DFX and the price continuing to rise in anticipation of the app launch, get over to Uniswap now and get yours before things get really crazy…

For all those who are not familiar with these kind of contracts we’ll be going through the basics(ED: How to enter…etc.)in the next article, so don’t worry you’ll be up to speed in time.

Keep it locked to all things DFX, we’ll be announcing our Google Marketplace launch date imminently.

Goodnight sirs.




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