The Road ahead…

3 min readFeb 13, 2021


“And all the paths that lead us there are winding…”

So we’re 4 days removed from launch, (ED: yes, it has become abundantly clear that in the crypto-space that is considered a decade!) and it’s been a slow grind back to business as usual at DFX HQ, as a few technical hitches and other RL matters (ED: you know that place you sometimes visit.) have pissed on our happy post launch vibe.

The seemingly eternal DNS/SSL certificate problems we have had since switching to the newer website have finally reached fever pitch so it was decided that despite it’s ill timing, a transfer of domain name to our host provider would eliminate all of this issues, and prevent them from ever occurring again.
Subsequently, and somewhat aptly we leave ‘GoDaddy’ on Valentines’ day for good.
Maybe in future, he’ll listen the first time a girl says she wants SSL certification, and redirected nameservers.

Anyway despite these ongoing issues, the launch went well, the BETA app has been well received, and v0.19 (ED: v0.19 updates a few stability issues and our shiny flagship icon to appear in the currency wallet correctly.) is available form our website (ED: currently accessible via the alternative portal: or here’s the direct link.

If this was an Avenger’s movie, this would be Phase One complete.
Complete with it’s own end credit scene…

“As Definitex launch their app into space, a nearby monitor shows a news story about Elon Musk pumping Bitcoin to new all time highs.”
Curtain call.

Yes it’s true, we reached the end of our “Phase One” Roadmap with the launch of the app, but obviously this was never expected to be where the journey ends. Far from it.
So what’s next?
Well of course, we are just getting started with the app, and will continue to develop it throughout adding new features, expanded functionality and general improvement to the UI/App efficiency.
But the app is only the first part of the vision, and rather than just wing it, (ED: like people use to do before sat navs.) or mindlessly wander into the Ether altogether (ED: very clever) it’s time to get ourselves a new map.

“Every crypto Telegram group”

Man’s a Roadman

So if we’re considering “Phase One” was the APP, then “Phase Two” is the DEX. The current APP iteration has integrated Uniswapv2 protocol, but in the time since the genesis of our project and now, we have seen various new DEX’s rise up to challenge Uniswap’s domain. Subsequently, we intend to update the app’s functionality to allow the freedom to swap between DEX’s, one of which will; by the end of Phase Two - be our own.

The ‘DefiniDEX’ (ED: its ridiculous ‘codename’ around DFX HQ) is the commitment to the continued growth of the DFX Ecosystem, and the next part of the plan — which began with the launch of the staking platform in November.
The details of how this protocol works, the benefits to stakeholders/DFX holders and it’s place within the ecosystem will be revealed in due course, suffice to say its exciting stuff.

The “Phase Two” Roadmap spans the next 3 months and will set out more specific milestones for the plans mentioned above, as well as other things not discussed here. (ED: audits…etc. -because we know how much you guys love audits.)

Well that’s enough from me, rest assured, our DNS blues aside we are still on track, and the months ahead are going to be exciting to say the least.

Stay locked to the Twitter and the Telegram for the new Roadmap, going up this weekend… and don’t miss out on #whatsinyourwallet

Download the APP now and wait for further instructions….




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