Tales From The Crypto Part III

The Final Chapter

“The infamous first ever Bitcoin transaction, worth $30 of pizza at the time: today worth over $130 million”

The crypto-space even many years after it’s inception feels brand new. It feels like that secret club that if you’re in it, you feel you’ve stumbled across something more than just a way to get premium grade drugs delivered to your door. (ED: RIP Purex -only the elite will get that reference.)
To this date, Bitcoin has been pronounced ‘dead’ 383 times, and even as the grand daddy of cryptocurrency is valued at over $13000 a coin, still widespread adoption has been constantly challenged, as if dreamed up by teenage angst and rebellion that we’re going to grow out of.

But it seems now, finally that all that is about to change. This exclusive club that you once spent time trying to convince anyone who would listen it was the second coming like some demented gospel, is getting a bit claustrophobic. Big corporations are buying Bitcoin in the kind of bulk that most of us couldn’t have mined for nothing back in 2010, and with the recent announcement that Paypal are finally getting on board, it truly feels that this rocket is ready for take off.

But this is not the rocket you boarded.
Much like the movies of your childhood, this space has been redesigned for the mainstream, devoid of it’s former exclusivity it’s been rehashed with user friendly interfaces and mobile wallets to boot. No-one today sending or receiving Bitcoin has that same panicked feeling we all did when we sent that first transaction back in the day. The wait we filled with furious reading and learning of a whole new meaning to confirmation -that had nothing to do with the Catholic Church.
And so as we welcome “institutional money” we’ve been waiting for since 2017’s bullrun we also bid a solemn farewell to the Bitcoin of old, the world’s best kept secret.
For though the wild wild west of cryptocurrency is still wild, the lawmen are a’ coming.

“The three words that define every cryptocurrency that has ever been born after 2017.”


Unlike anyone whose ever come to renew their car insurance or internet package with the same provider, we value our OG investors.
For those that have remained with Definitex during it’s darkest days, we’ll be airdropping 666 DFX on Halloween night and by way of thanks for their commitment to the cause a special Legacy NFT. (ED: See above.)
The actual utility of this NFT will be unveiled in the coming months, but essentially it will act as your VIP token into the DFX ecosystem and beyond.
We will issue this token upon submission by each Legacy holder, so please contact us on either our Telegram, Twitter or leave a comment on this post. (ED:or if you’re feeling particularly old school email us info@definitex.org)

There is no time limit on the issue of the NFT, (ED:yet) but you must still be holding some DFX from before the storm.

Our next Medium article will “return to our regular programming” as it were, with details on our staking incentive program set to launch 28th November, as well as a ‘sneak peak’ of our revised whitepaper, and the intended utility of the token within the “DFX ecosystem”.

Buckle up.




DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!

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DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!

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