Set a Lite paper, watch what happens.

So we’ve been a little quiet.
Real life personal tragedy struck a member of the team,(ED: no we’re not talking just taking about a bad degen trade.) and as these things normally do, humbly remind us all that we’re still human — even in the vast digital void of the crypto-space.

Well despite one of the team being AWOL, the rest were working hard in their respective basements and seabeds.(ED: if you got that joke you’re paying way too much attention.)

First off, our website has seen an overhaul…

Yes gone is the old “classic” website look, adopting instead the painfully modern scrolling page, because well — attention spans just aren’t what they used to be, and pretty much everyone does it on a smartphone these days.

“A page from our website- because we still have to explain to people what the hell we’re trying to do.”

We’ve also launched our Litepaper.

Available to download from our website,(ED: as you can see above)or from whichever social medium platform you usually harass us from, the Definitex Litepaper details the project in all of it’s former glory, and reveals some new details too.

If reading through a Litepaper sounds like too much work here are some of the highlights that might peak your interest:

> Android OS App with integrated mobile wallet, featuring the ability to send, receive and seamlessly swap between supported digital currencies — within the platform.
>Integration of fiat currencies
> Contactless payment facility via NFC chip, utilizing digital or fiat currencies
> DFX token utility reveals a deflationary model: a percentage of all DFX utilized as payment on the platform is distributed to stake holders, and a percentage is burnt.
>DFX Staking available via platform commencing through our website first from 28th November. APY: 20%

And finally, yes you read it right, the Staking Incentive program launched as planned on the 28th November, (ED: well bar a few technical hitches!) available initially to our VIP Telegram group, and is now available to all via the portal on our website or directly:

“How do you like you stake, sir? — with a dash of board please.”

2 per cent “staking fees” are deducted upon DFX entering the staking program this fee is to maintain the ecosystem (ED: this 2 % enters into to the staking “pool”) and to similarly ensure the ecosystem is not manipulated.

With the APY set at 20%, it takes 40 days for investors to regain 2 per cent of DFX they paid as staking fees to enter, so it gently encourages healthy and sustainable growth, something I’ve been banging out about since we started this Medium.

However, when it comes to withdrawal, you can withdraw just your rewards, all or just part of your staked amount at anytime with no penalty.

We understand that in the fast paced world of cryptocurrency, no-one wants their assets locked up in a staking contract whilst it 10x, so we went with the staking fee model instead.

The full analytic dashboard will be available this coming week, (ED: as glimpsed in the previous Medium article.) so all you lovers of colored lines and graphs will get everything you ever wanted just in time for Christmas, and to all you code lovers, our staking contract can be found for your viewing pleasure on our Github.

Well that’s it from us for now, team’s back up to full speed now, we have more exciting news to come, (ED: some things that weren’t on your Christmas list!) so stay locked into to all things DFX in the coming days.

DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!