Litmus Test

2 min readFeb 7, 2021


“Proof’s in the pudding apparently.”

So with the APP Launch date imminent , we thought it pertinent to show everyone that it actually works as expected.

Yes once the code is launched, we will be looking to submit it in the immediate short term for audit; as in the months since the APP’s development first started, the word audit has become synonymous with authenticity; helping weary travellers of the crypto-space sleep easy at night knowing the projects code holds up to scrutiny.

In the meantime however, we gave 0.2 ETH and the latest build to #thePRGUY and this is how he got on:

0x1aBfd532F38B97cFF0564f58207458FebF67AE14 — the first wallet of the Definitex APP is born.”

“It was pretty straight forward.” -#thePRGuy

All within the APP, in just a few moments swapped ETH for DFX and it was relatively quick and painless. (ED: apart from the GAS fees!)

You can check the transaction HASH here:

The APP’s functionality will continue to expand with further updates; with the launch of the BETA App tomorrow starting the next part of the journey to delivering the ultimate De-FI experience in one place.

We’ll be updating our Roadmap with some of the key milestones of the next few months, and the next crucial steps for the project.

In the meantime, stay locked to our Telegram and our Twitter for news, updates and those all important launch details.




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