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2 min readApr 29, 2021



So we’ve finally dotted the i’s cross the t’s and are launching our Beta App on the Google App Marketplace.

We’d been playtesting with a newer build prior to our original launch date, but due to various stability issues with that release, we’ve rolled back to an earlier version (v0.18.2) (ED: which means nothing to most but the poor dev team.) but the great news is the app will be available Friday on the marketplace — we’ve already started the countdown on our website.

The App is still in Beta, as various functionality will continued to be rolled out according to our roadmap, but once on the marketplace these changes can be easily rolled out in an update, so we thought we’d sort out the marketplace listing first… and with it comes much more exposure of the Definitex brand.

With that in mind, we decided to hold off the Lottery until after the marketplace listing went live -launching our first round this Sunday instead so don’t worry you haven’t missed out on anything.

Speaking of not wanting to miss out…

Definitex: Project Airdrop

“Little green androids airdropping digital currency

You may have noticed our airdrop campaign is already well under way, but if you live in a cave with for some strange reason, only access to our Medium page for news, don’t worry you haven’t missed out… (ED: but it does sound like you may have more pressing concerns.)

We’ll be giving away a total of 1000 DFX Tokens in Project Airdrop over different stages, worth over $1800!
With the imminent launch on Googleplay, Lottery starting Sunday and everything in the pipeline for DFX this airdrop is definitely worth a look at.

Part One: Simply fill out the form completing the task as you go..

Stay tuned for Part Two later today…

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