Tales from the Crypto…

“The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated.”

So today, we died. [ED:again.]
Yes, it was with a heavy heart the new DFX team “left the chat” for good, as the decision was passed down to close the doors of the old Definitex Telegram group permanently.

It was a tough decision; one that we’d put off for a number of weeks, whilst the team continued meticulously scouring the internet, looking for every possible signposting to the former, before we switched off the lights -

“RIP DefinitexOfficial. Eternal rest grant unto the chat O Lord and let perpetual memes shine upon them.”

The chat window in the old group had been closed since the migration into the new Telegram,so the only recent messages in the group were from people joining, a long list that read like some sort of weird obituary.
Despite our best efforts, this strange abandoned corner of the internet, continued to accumulate members, lost souls wandering aimlessly into an un-moderated, dark and silent hole, with CoVID style restrictions on movement, and only the words of old chats gone by for sustenance. [ED: we are still talking about a chat room that started in fucking August, right?]

So it was decided today, this seemingly ordinary day in October, would be its final resting place.

In a cold and swift movement, “Iron” Mike Taylor, hit delete and as Obi-Wan does a fine job of explaining [ED:see below] like that — it was gone.

“As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…”

We all knew, as soon as it was done… It was the right thing to do.
They’re in a better place now, and so are we.
To commemorate the ‘day the music died’ for the old Telegram group, we’re going to be kicking of our Halloween themed #DFXLives promotion to run through the remainder of October.

Tweet No Evil

First off, and easiest is a bit of word of mouth. We’re actually just giving away 666 DFX tokens EACH, to three lucky hashtagging bird lovers.

All you have to do is Follow, Like, Comment and Retweet as many of our tweets as you can throughout the rest of October, and those most devoted disciples who spread the word that DFX has risen from the grave will be airdropped tokens on Halloween night.

Well that’s it from us for now… in the mean time get tweeting and if NFT’s are your thing, [ED: or you don’t know what they are so they might be.] check out our next medium article here.

More announcements, airdrops and NFT fun to come… Make sure your locked in for the next installment of…

Tales From The Crypto…




DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!

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DFX brings the de-centralized finance experience to the mainstream, providing a definitive solution to traditional loans. To Definitex… & beyond!!!

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